Saturday, 12 May 2007

First blog, finally.

I am now committed to regular blogging, joining the ranks of all those people who have so much to say with so few people to listen to them...

First, my big news:

The book is out at last - Pre-Animate: The Guidebook for Independent Animators - and available on . The book is attaining lofty levels in the Amazon sales ranking, I think it was in the 300,000s last time I checked. Oh well, with 1.5 million books on Amazon in the UK, I suppose it isn't such a bad effort. Keep buying the book!

I will keep this blog up to date with weekly or fortnightly ramblings, but if my erratic attempts at keeping diaries in the past have any bearing on this new medium, then it will be a few taps on the tomato sauce bottle, then a big splodge and just a few dribbles after that.



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